THE ultimate DUNGEON

With “Bladequest”, a whole new experience awaits, building on the popular “Bladequest: The First Chapter”. Are you ready to explore an infinite dungeon, filled with enemies, weapons and loot? Then jump right into the all-new endless mode!

Become the Looter King

Fight through the dungeon, loot all you can, climb the global leaderboard and compete with the world’s best, to become the next “Looter King”!

Fight the Undead

The fully-fledged first person combat system allows you to send the undead back to hell using one-handed weapons, shields, two-handed weapons and bows! Find better equipment in every boss room, gear up and dominate your opponents!

Feel the Atmosphere

The soundscape, the lightning ambience, the charming Polygon-Look and the detailed levels ensure a deep and unique atmosphere!

Wait NO LONGER! Jump in and grab it on STEAM!

What the COMMUNITY says

"It's (Bladequest) fun and the graphics are very unique: simple low-poly yet very high detail."
Josh Klint
Leadwerks Game Engine CEO
"This situation reminds me to the old time of The Witcher, Mount and Blade, small studios with fresh ideas."
Croque Mitaine
Steam User
"Good concept. Like the developer. [...] Hope to see more in the future. I enjoyed the gameplay."
Steam User
"Mostly I like the overall atmosphere, the amazing design and the high level of detail the dungeons had."
Steam User

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