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Great Customer Understanding

I take your feedback very seriously and as a gamer myself, I know how you feel, what you want and what you don't.

Fair pricing

Quality costs money, but you really get what you pay for! No Micro DLCs, Ingame Shops, Skins, or similar bullshit!

Personal Service & Support

As the only developer, I know everything about my products and personally take care of your specific issues and questions.

Quality Content

I work 6 days a week, up to 14 hours a day, to deliever the best possible quality games for my loyal community.

Development progress of my upcoming game RAIDBORN

Completion 70%

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Bladequest is a small highscore-based game to give a first impression of what is to expect from Phodex Games in the future. All earned money will 100% be used for publishing and producing my next, much larger project, which is to be announced soon.

What the COMMUNITY says

"It's (Bladequest) fun and the graphics are very unique: simple low-poly yet very high detail."
Josh Klint
Leadwerks Game Engine CEO
"Keep up the great work Markus, with me seeing this, i'm very sure my money was well spent."
Steam User
"Good concept. Like the developer [...] . Hope to see more in the future. I enjoyed the gameplay."
Steam User
Hours Worked On Games
Code Lines Written
Days Developer Experience
Dedicated Developer

One Developer. One Mission.

Gameplay Is King

Enjoy new and fresh mechanics and say goodbye to mainstream monotony.

True Gamer

Having grown up as a gamer myself, I can develop my games from a completely different perspective.

A Huge Vision

Let’s together fight for a better gaming landscape and against bad business practices!


Beeing free from publishers is awesome, as I can unleash my creativity and create kickass content!

Frequently Asked Questions

I will be honest with you, in the future I would love to make a living off my products, but for the moment 100% of my earnings are used for the production and publishing of my games.

Honestly, trust is a process and I see no reason why you should trust me out of nowhere. Just try my stuff! Its either available free, or easily refundable. I am sure your trust will develop with time.

I work as much as I find physically possible, don’t fear admitting to failure and starting over from scratch, listen to the community and never stop improving. My stuff may not be perfect, but you can expect the best I can possibly do.

We all want to feel good. Have you ever broken your promise? Doesn’t feel too good, right? The same goes for me. You get great games and I get the satisfaction of having created quality content and making a living. I think that’s a fair deal 🙂

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