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What the community says:

"It's (Bladequest) fun and the graphics are very unique: simple low-poly yet very high detail."

Josh Klint
Leadwerks Game Engine CEO

"You are the perfect game developer, you're dedicated, skilled, you have a cool game, and your videos are of good quality."

Alexey Gorbunov
YouTube Subscriber

"The production value/graphics of your Devlogs were on the level of someone with 100,000+ subs. Ur channel is very awesome"

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Where does the money go?

I will be honest with you, in the future I would love to make a living off my products, but for the moment 100% of my earnings are used for the production and publishing of my games.

Why should I trust you?

Honestly, trust is a process and I see no reason why you should trust me out of nowhere. Just try my stuff! Its either available free, or easily refundable. I am sure your trust will develop with time.

How do you ensure optimum quality?

I work as much as I find physically possible, don't fear admitting to failure and starting over from scratch, listen to the community and never stop improving. My stuff may not be perfect, but you can expect the best I can possibly do.

How do I know you will deliver what you promise?

We all want to feel good. Have you ever broken your promise? Doesn't feel too good, right? The same goes for me. You get great games and I get the satisfaction of having created quality content and making a living. I think that's a fair deal.